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I have returned, after sometime, to share with you an interesting website that i think is very useful for our teaching.. If you too have any interesting websites that you want to share with us, feel free to post a link here ;o) ...(this one you have to pay for the songs, or you can sing it for your class ;o)

Training of Trainers@Hotel Selesa (from Funky Fiza)

Hi everyone,

Last week, me and a few fellow colleagues of primary & secondary school English teachers (Mersing & KT) attended and interesting course which was conducted by IPGM IPTI, JB.
We never expected it could be so fun, not to mention mind rejuvinating. At first we thought the course was a synonym to "more work load" alas it was more on relearning the whole teaching training college experiences...LOL!
The facilitators were very helpful in showing us the purpose of the training course. Two thumbs for for Mdm Safina ( the last minute "midwife":), you've done a great job!), Mdm Ang Scwee Pin and not forgotten the lively Mdm. Nor Ashikin H'ng.
I never expected working with primary teachers could be so enjoyable. They're jovial and at times driving the facis up to the hotel wall! Well...I've almost forgotten that learning process is actually fun if we choose to make it...till then.

P/s: Thanks to Zappy Za, Ambiguous Azi, Adament Azura, Dazzling Diana, Simple Suresh, Kind Koo, Smiling Salwani, Rough Rafizal, Naughty Nizam, Manipulative Mail, Mighty Mas, Lovely Lin, Lively Lua, Simpler Siha, Powerful Paji, Nervous Nurul, Zesty Zai, Impatient Isra, Speedy Sha,Nice Na & Diligent Didi

Still couldn't fix it...

Dear friends,
Sorry to tell you that my limited knowledge has deprived me from uploading the movie...will try it again and again and again and again...:P
Wish me luck!

The Prisoner of Zenda: The Movie (1952)

Hi teachers,

I'm very please to share this movie with you as it would help your students to have better understanding and clearer mental image of the genre.

Note: You are advised to watch the movie prior to any lesson that you are planning because it might requires you to edit of fast forward a few scenes...:P

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